Terms & Conditions

  1. This is a promotional event and your participation is voluntary.
  2. By participating, you have a chance to win any of the mentioned prizes.
  3. You have to pay a participation fee of ₹21 to take part in the event.
  4. If you choose to withdraw, you can get full refund for the fee by writing to us or requesting it in formal writing within a week of payment.
  5. By opting for refund, you will no longer be considered a participant for the contest/draw.
  6. In case we don’t get enough participants, the event will be cancelled and you will be refunded the amount. So please share it with as many people as you can to increase your chances!
  7. Winners will be announced from 25th November.
  8. Prizes will be shipped from 1st to 10th of December.
  9. Amount will be refunded if event got cancelled.